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Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Chicken Pickin' 2007
Bone Suckin' Sauce donates the Bone Suckin' Chicken Pickin' to the JDRF to be auctioned off each year in Raleigh, NC. The Bone Suckin' Chicken Pickin' is for 50 people and can be used anytime during the year in the Raleigh area. It gets very exciting when the bidding opens up at the JDRF Auction. This year the Howards outbid the competition. The Howards decided to use the Bone Suckin' Chicken Pickin' for Mrs. Howards 50th Birthday Party. For more information on Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Click Here
The poster of the chickens with the heads available for photos was a HUGE hit! Here is Gabrielle and Ashley showing off their new beaks!
Seab rings the dinner bell for the guests at his house for his wife, Phyllis', birthday dinner.
Patrick Ford Testifies For Congress Phillip serves up Bone Suckin' Chicken and of course a good smile.
Allison and Ryan hand Phyllis buttered corn right off the grill.
Pam enjoys some good conversation with Phyllis and Seab Howard.
Everyone was served and the Bone Suckin' food was enjoyed.

We shared with JDRF how great it was to work with you and your family on our party. We would highly recommend this live auction item to anyone attending next year's Gala...but they may have to outbid us, first!

Many thanks,
Phyllis Parish Howard
WRAL - TV Senior Producer
Local Programming/Commercial Production

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